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Real Estate Financing - Annotated Precedents

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Document your real estate financing deal with ease

This book is essential for: all real estate practitioners looking for samples of real estate financing agreements.

Current to: June 1, 2015 

Financing construction projects is complicated and involves many aspects of corporate and commercial law. Real Estate Financing – Annotated Precedents offers you over 20 full templates for commitment letters, mortgages, general security agreements, covenants, collateral documents, and more. Complete with commentary, practice tips, case law, and legislation, this is the first in CLEBC’s series of practice area precedents also gives you an overview of common challenges encountered in construction financing and how to circumvent them.

With this resource, you will be able to:

  • draft appropriate financing documents to support your development deal

  • understand when and why each document is used

  • develop strategy to help your clients negotiate advantageous financing for their projects 

Buy your copy and help your clients secure their funds today!

Highlights of the 2015 update

  • inclusion of floating charge in GSA

  • borrower’s obligation to draw on facility

  • use of title insurance to deal with novel issues for a project

  • borrower’s declaration of REDMA compliance and no notice of purchaser exercising rescission rights

  • distinctions between surety and guarantor; guarantee and indemnity

  • risk of making beneficial owner a guarantor

  • wording added to waivers of defences that they are applicable in the event a court of competent jurisdiction deems covenant to be a guarantee

  • potential elimination of limitation period for remediation cost recovery actions


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