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Land Title Electronic Forms Guidebook

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The step-by-step guide to completing electronic land title forms

This publication is essential for: all conveyancing professionals and legal support staff.

Current to: August 16, 2016 

The Director of Land Titles has authority to approve land title forms and establish filing and registration requirements. The general requirements of the Land Title and Survey Authority of British Columbia for electronic land title forms are set out in a consolidated form in the Land Title Electronic Forms Guidebook (the "Green Book").

The Green Book now has been updated and expanded to reflect recent changes in electronic filing and to guide conveyancing professionals through the electronic submission of land title forms for registration. Subscriptions include online access with search capability and links to the full text of case law and legislation.

The Sixth Edition features:

  • updates for the new versions of the Director's Requirements and amendments to the Land Title Act
  • revisions to chapters 3, 4, 11 and 12, incorporating the changes to the Form A Transfer, Form B Mortgages, Application to Deposit Plan, and Survey Plan Certification
  • multiple updates for chapter 13 (Local Government Filling Form) and new commentary for release of land use contracts
  • all commentary, forms, screenshots, and legislation brought current to late August 2016
The Sixth Edition was prepared by Wendi J. Mackay, Interact Public Policy Consultants Limited, Victoria, under the direction of the Land Title and Survey Authority, with significant contributions from Nancy Hancharyk, Senior Business Analyst, LTSA, and Tim Jowett, Deputy Registrar, LTSA.
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