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ISBN: 978-1-55258-567-2
Pages: 246
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Land Title Transfer Forms Guidebook - 2008

This book is essential for: All conveyancing professionals and legal support staff.

The Land Title Division’s Electronic Filing System (EFS) was launched in April 2004. Since then, the number of forms that can be filed electronically has been expanded and the forms and procedure have been improved. This fourth edition of the Land Title Forms Guidebook has also been improved and expanded to reflect these changes in electronic filing and to guide conveyancing professionals through the electronic and paper submission of land title forms for registration.

The Fourth Edition—2008 features:

  • the addition of step-by-step instructions on how to complete electronic forms not included in the Land Title (Transfer Forms) Regulation, including Form 17, the Strata Property Act Filing form, and the Application to Deposit a Survey Plan at the Land Title Office
  • updated instructions on how to complete the electronic declaration form and the electronic forms under the Land Title (Transfer Forms) Regulation
  • a new appendix on general instructions for electronic filing—attaching supporting documents, scanning requirements
  • sections of the Land Title Act relevant to preparing and registering electronic land title forms
  • new thumbtabs for quicker access to the right material
  • a convenient 6” x 9” coilbound format

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