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BC Mortgages Practice Manual

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Navigate each step of a mortgage transaction—from receipt of instructions to closing—with confidence

This publication is essential for: lawyers acting for borrowers, guarantors, and lenders in mortgage transactions.

Current to: June 1, 2017

BC Mortgages Practice Manual covers almost every practical issue that can arise from the wealth of rules and regulations that govern mortgage lending in British Columbia. This resource offers you topic-by-topic guidance through the entire mortgage process from receiving lender’s instructions and conducting searches to preparing mortgage documents and concluding the mortgage, focusing on the residential mortgage transaction but also discussing special considerations for commercial mortgages.

With this resource, you will be able to:

  • understand the legal principles underlying the mortgage process
  • refer to over 80 precedents including search letters, file documentation, opinions, and special mortgage templates 
  • ensure you don’t miss a step with checklists for client verification, mortgage procedure, drafting, and PPSA registration

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 “There are not very many texts regarding mortgages, and those that do exist are not specific to the particular case law and legislative overlay that has developed in BC. This manual contains the most recent practice developments of the specialist bar working in BC. The classic works on mortgages are also excellent but I find that this manual is almost always a valuable resource to ensure that the BC context is considered.” –  Mark C. Baron, Partner, Richards Buell Sutton LLP

 Highlights of the 2017 update

 Discussion of:

  • 2016 SCC jurisprudence clarifying s. 8 of the Interest Act

  • terms in a lender’s commitment letter to be satisfied prior to funding

  • due diligence as to beneficial owner where nominee holds title

  • additional property transfer tax in Greater Vancouver where purchaser is a “foreign entity”

  • retirement of Form 24 (Postponement Agreement) by Director of Land Titles


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