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BC Real Estate Practice Manual

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A practical day-to-day guide to real estate conveyancing

This publication is essential for: junior to intermediate lawyers in real estate practice, and helpful for seasoned practitioners.

Current to: March 1, 2016

This practical, day-to-day guide leads you quickly and completely through the necessary steps of a conveyance. The manual includes: 

  • thorough discussion of residential property, including searches and investigations

  • summary chapter on commercial property transactions

  • special considerations for strata lots

  • discussion of lawyers' undertakings and professional responsibility issues

  • the latest decisions on duties of real estate licensees

  • full coverage of tax considerations for both residential and commercial property

  • practical advice and remedies for a collapsing deal

Rounding out this all-in-one resource are more than 130 of the most common real estate forms and precedents, including essential land title office documents.

The book is updated annually. Subscriptions include online access with search capability and links to the full text of case law and legislation and forms and precedents on CD-ROM.

ONLINE ONLY annual subscriptions are available. Subscribe now.

Highlights of the 2016 Update

  • new Contract of Purchase and Sale preventing assignment without seller’s written consent

  • forthcoming required citizenship disclosure on PTT form

  • new case law on licensees’ fiduciary duty to dual principals, effect of PDS not being explicitly incorporated into contract, capital gains arising from gifts of ecologically sensitive land, deposit forfeiture, and more

  • amended Policy Statement 5 on marketing before development permit issued

  • home accessibility tax credit

  • new PTT exemptions

  • title considerations with nominee purchaser

  • effect of mortgage fraud

  • extraprovincial non-share corporations under forthcoming Societies Act

  • and much more


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