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Land Title Practice Manual

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The authoritative guide for land title staff and conveyancing professionals

This publication is essential for: all conveyancing professionals and all others who make applications to the Land Title and Survey Authority. This is the manual the land title division staff uses when they review applications for registration.

Current to: August 27, 2016

This essential three-volume manual is 
the reference material for the land title division staff and conveyancing professionals. The manual is prepared by Interact Public Policy Consultants Ltd. with the assistance of the Land Title and Survey Authority under the direction of an expert editorial board.

The book is updated regularly, and subscriptions include online access with search capability and links to the full text of case law and legislation and forms on CD-ROM.

Highlights of the 2016 Update

  • updated Property Transfer Tax Act requirements, including the foreign buyers tax and new housing program

  • several changes to the Strata Property Act, including new provisions for the Civil Resolution Tribunal

  • significant local government changes, incorporating the new version of the Local Government Act (R.S.B.C. 2015, c. 1), the new Municipal Replotting Act, and the new (Vancouver) vacancy tax provisions

  • revised commentary for the new Societies Act and new Water Sustainability Act

  • amendments to the Land Title Act, Expropriation Act, and many other BC and federal statutes

  • revised commentary throughout for the reorganized Director’s Requirements (including new associated publications)

  • all regulatory changes, new case law, and all other relevant practice developments, such as the LTSA’s new E-filing Quality Verification program


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CLEBC Legal Editor
Jonathan M. Vogt



Editorial Board Professor Robert Howell
Book Author Nancy Hancharyk
Editorial Board Lawrence S. Blaschuk
Editorial Board Ralston S. Alexander, QC
Editorial Board Craig Johnston
Book Author Tim Jowett
Editorial Board Brenda M. Lightbody
Editorial Board Carlos R. MacDonald
Editorial Board Wendi J. Mackay

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