British Columbia Business Disputes

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The answers to your business dispute questions

This publication is essential for: lawyers looking for a starting point when providing advice on a business dispute issue.

Current to: August 1, 2016

Lawyers are often required to give advice on business disputes on short notice. BC Business Disputes is an excellent place to start your business dispute research with ease. This award-winning resource canvasses a full array of causes of action in commercial activities, from contractual breaches and common law torts to statutory rights of action. A chapter on each dispute area includes analysis of key elements for the cause of action, defences, jurisdiction, remedies, BC-focused case law, and practice tips from senior lawyers.

With this resource, you will be able to:

  • quickly give initial advice about whether your client has a claim or defence in the dispute

  • recognize potential strengths and weakness of your client’s case early on

  • easily determine the need for further research on your client’s issue

Buy today and streamline your business dispute research!

Highlights of the 2016 Update include:

  • new chapter on professional negligence

  • expanded damages chapter

  • new case law at trial, appellate, and SCC levels on all forms of business disputes

  • new statutory causes of action, civil and criminal remedies

  • current and expected law reform in many areas


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