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BC Commercial Arbitration Act - An Annotated Guide

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This book is essential for: Lawyers, arbitrators, and others involved in commercial arbitration.

CLE is delighted to announce the publication of British Columbia Commercial Arbitration—An Annotated Guide written by Christine J. Mingie. This volume is one in CLEBC's series of annotated guidebooks for the legal profession.
Commercial arbitration is an important dispute resolution option in the commercial world. It is essential for lawyers, arbitrators, and others involved in commercial arbitrations to understand arbitral principles and how those principles are interpreted by the courts. This handy 6" x 9" softcover guide provides practitioners with quick access to concise summaries of important case law under British Columbia's
Commercial Arbitration Act and International Commercial Arbitration Act, as well as in-depth commentary on the history and significance of principles under each section of the Acts. All of the important information is conveniently in one place including the complete text of the Acts, regulations under the Acts, related legislation, and a chart summarizing B.C. legislation that requires or permits commercial arbitration.

CLEBC Legal Editor

Laura C. Selby            



Editorial Board John P. Sanderson, QC
Editorial Board Henri C.A. Alvarez, QC
Editorial Board Ljiljana Biukovic
Book Author Christine J. Duhaime

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