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Annotated Builders Lien Act 2007-2008

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This book is essential for: All construction lawyers and related professionals.

Announcing the third edition of this portable and affordable consolidation of core builders lien materials. A team of prominent lawyers from Alexander Holburn Beaudin & Lang—David A. Garner, Gregory S. Pun, Christopher E. Hirst, and Norman D. Streu—have written a practical resource for the construction profession. You can take advantage of their collective wisdom in this new edition.

With this tool you will be able to rapidly find answers to common questions relating to construction projects and builders liens. All the key knowledge is here: the complete and current text of the Builders Lien Act; clear overviews of the Act and its sections written in everyday language; and authoritative summaries including key quotes from all the important case law under the Act. A wealth of current, precise information is accessed through helpful finding tools, including a detailed table of contents, subject index, and alphabetical case table.

With case annotations current to June 2007, and legislation current to September 2007, the book is a convenient reference in court or at the office, and allows quick access to materials that form the core of builders lien practice.

Highlights of the 2007 update

  • new case annotations for all relevant builders liens decisions decided since June 2005, current to June 2007
  • amendments to the Builders Lien Act and related legislation, current to September 2007
  • new topical commentary, such as coverage of priority battles between lien claimants and other parties; and
  • updated case table, index, and other features

Clebc Legal editor

Jonathan Vogt  



Book Author Norm Streu
Book Author David A. Garner
Book Author Christopher E. Hirst
Book Author Gregory S. Pun, QC

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