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Civil Trial Handbook - 5th Edition

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Why go to court alone? Take your mentor with you!

This publication is essential for: litigators looking for a handy trial procedure resource in court or at the office.

Current to: July 1, 2018

From your first client meeting, every step you take in a file could become part of your trial preparation. The British Columbia Civil Trial Handbook (5th ed.) is your guide to preparing a case that will be litigated in the BC Supreme Court. You have access to succinct explanations and techniques of leading advocates on pleading your case, managing pre-trial procedures, preparing your evidence and challenging others’, and conducting the trial before a judge or a jury. Checklists of considerations for each stage of trial preparation and sample trial documents are designed to help you with trial management.

 With this resource, you will be able to:

  • access the knowledge of seasoned advocates for each step of litigation, from the client retainer to obtaining costs

  • get organized for trial with a sample trial brief, litigation budget, and trial preparation checklist

  • quickly search for support with evidence, witnesses, and objections while in the courtroom

Buy today and be well prepared for any stage of litigation! View a sample from this book!

Highlights of the 5th Edition include:

  • practical advice regarding document production and the cooperation of counsel with respect to parameters of production, document storage, agreed books of documents, etc.

  • the impact of technology on running a civil trial

  • requirements for drafting affidavits, stating jurisdictional basis for applications, setting realistic time estimates, and advocacy

  • trial management agreements regarding documents and admissions, requirement for trial briefs, when trial management conferences may be dispensed with, and witness lists

  • developments in summary trial procedure, no evidence and insufficient evidence motions, and leave to appeal to the Court of Appeal

  • ethical issues, conduct of counsel, and civility in court (Groia v. Law Society of Upper Canada)

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