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Civil Appeal Handbook

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The classic guide to appellate court practice

This publication is essential for: anyone looking for direction on civil appeals in British Columbia. 

Current to: January 1, 2018

Appellate advocacy requires different focus and skills than trial advocacy. Civil Appeal Handbook is your comprehensive companion to civil appellate law, practice, and procedure in British Columbia.  Filling a need identified by BC litigators, the authors have exhaustively researched the many hundreds of cases on appellate practice to create this definitive text supported by ample references to statutes, case law, and academia. You will be confident in dealing with all appellate issues from the BC Court of Appeal’s jurisdiction through to issues arising post-hearing.

With this resource, you will be able to:

  • plan an appeal strategy after reviewing your client’s situation

  • understand the nuances of appellate procedure

  • identify opportunities for persuasive advocacy during the appeal process

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Highlights of the 2018 update

  • over 125 new appellate court decisions, and corresponding changes to the commentary where appropriate, including cases addressing the following:

    • standard of review when assessing findings of credibility

    • standard of review in unjust enrichment and proprietary estoppels cases

    • what constitutes an “order” (e.g., mid-trial decisions)

    • orders capable of being limited appeal orders

    • procedure if a party is unsure if leave to appeal is required

    • jurisdiction to permit a non-party to commence an appeal

    • jurisdiction to proceed when an appellant dies

    • power to prevent vexatious appeals

    • Palmer test for the admission of fresh evidence

    • key principles relating to awards of increased costs

    • bright line rule that special costs are usually reserved for misconduct during litigation

    • costs where an appeal is abandoned

  • updated court directives and policies
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