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Discovery Practice in British Columbia

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This book is essential for: All civil litigators.

This annually updated manual arms you with the strategies and practice tools to effectively discover your opponent's case, while revealing what is appropriate about your own. Written by experienced litigator Lyle G. Harris, QC, Discovery Practice in British Columbia guides you to:

  • asking the right questions and making effective objections at the examination
  • strategies for obtaining and giving effective document production
  • asserting and attacking privilege claims
  • effectively using discovery evidence at trial
  • adapting your discovery methods and practice to the new Supreme Court Civil Rules, effective July 1, 2010
  • and much more

Subscriptions include checklists, forms, and precedents on CD-ROM, and online access with search capability and links to the full text of case law and legislation.

Highlights of the 2010 update:

  • incorporates new Supreme Court Civil Rules (“SCCR”), comparing and contrasting them with the current Rules of Court throughout
  • discusses applicability of case law under former rules to SCCR
  • includes new SCCR forms and precedents
  • includes full text of discovery rules under SCCR
  • discussion of new rules and major changes under SCCR:
  • proportionality
  • discovery of witnesses
  • scope of document discovery and different test of relevance
  • new list of documents; no demand required
  • limits on length of discovery
  • fast track actions
  • disclosure of experts’ files
  • changes to rules regarding interrogatories
  • discussion of new cases on admissibility of vaguely described documents; privacy rights of parties; privacy considerations with respect to information posted on social networking websites; breach of implied undertaking of confidentiality; BC Court of Appeal’s reversal of Wong v. Antunes; statements “for the record” in examinations; talking with client during adjournment in discovery
  • legislation and case references updated throughout
  • updated case table, statute table, and index



Book Author Lyle G. Harris, QC

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