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Small Claims Act & Rules: Annotated

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Your handy Small Claims Court Act and Rules

This book is essential for: anyone appearing in Small Claims Court. 

Current to: January 1, 2017

Price: $259; $225 when purchased together with Provincial Court Small Claims Handbook

Roughly half of all BC civil actions are filed in Provincial Court. So, as a BC litigator, you will inevitably deal with a small claims file at some point in your career. Small Claims Act and Rules: Annotated sets out the complete text of the Small Claims Act and Small Claims Rules and offers annotations of the most important case law under each section. Designed to complement CLEBC’s Provincial Court Small Claims Handbook, this resource is intended for you as a handy reference at interlocutory appearances, settlement conferences, and trials. 

With this resource, you will be able to:

  • efficiently find the text to the Rule or section of the Act that you need

  • search for right case chosen as important and summarized by leading practitioners anytime, anywhere

  • be informed on the latest cases and changes to the Act and Rules

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 Highlights of the 2017 update: 

  • termination of Rule 7.4 mediations after April 30, 2016

  • notable 2016 decisions, including those on:

    • the Small Claims Court’s lack of jurisdiction to award interest under a contract that would exceed its prescribed monetary jurisdiction

    • absence of a specific time limit on parties seeking judicial review of a final order made at a settlement conference

    • factors that must be examined on an application to extend time to file a notice of appeal under s. 15 of the Small Claims Act

    • standard of judicial review of a decision of the Small Claims Court to retain jurisdiction over the petitioner’s personal injury claim

    • standing of an employee having a complaint resolved by the Employment Standards Branch to commence a civil action for wages not investigated by the Branch

    • jurisdiction of the Provincial Court to make an order for detention, preservation, and recovery of a dog, and treatment of the dog and the best interests of the dog as factors

    • court’s inability to compensate for counsel's fees or to compensate litigants for having access to the court; court’s discretion to award costs in light of general guidance that proceedings should be inexpensive in the Provincial Court in comparison to the Supreme Court

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Editorial Board The Honourable Judge John R. Milne

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