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Public Guardian & Trustee Handbook

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Everything you need to know about the Public Guardian and Trustee

This publication is essential for: all civil litigators.

Current to: December 1, 2014 

From a simple conveyance to complex settlement, any number of your files can involve dealing with the Public Guardian and Trustee (“PGT”). Written by the PGT’s legal department, the Public Guardian & Trustee Handbook tells you what you need to know to simplify this critical step in a legal proceeding. Learn the role and responsibility of the PGT in three important areas: services to adults, services to children and youth, and estate and personal trust services. In addition to exploring practice in these areas, this handbook also covers requesting information from the PGT and class proceedings.

With this resource, you will be able to:

  • understand the many different matters that the PGT handles

  • recognize when and how the PGT may be involved in your client’s case

  • assess the process, requirements, and fees of various PGT services  

Buy your copy and be PGT prepared today!

Highlights of the 2015 Update:

  • changes to the Public Guardian and Trustee’s procedures and policies, incorporating significant amendments under the Family Law Act, WESA, Limitation Act, Public Guardian and Trustee Act, Adult Guardianship Act, Patients Property Act

  • coverage of Part 2.1 of the Adult Guardianship Act, in force December 1, 2014, governing statutory property guardianship and the new certificate of incapability process

  • significant updates to and reorganization of chapters 2 (Services to Adults), 3 (Child and Youth Services) and 4 ((Estate and Personal Trust Services)

  • new case law and all other practice developments since November 7, 2012

  • all chapters and features of the book, including forms and precedents, brought current to December 1, 2014


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