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BC Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Practice Manual

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Everything you need to know about motor vehicle accident claims in BC

This publication is essential for: personal injury lawyers, insurance defence lawyers, and plaintiff lawyers. 

Current to: March 1, 2018

Look no further for a manual that comprehensively covers motor vehicle accident (MVA) litigation in BC. Senior members of the bar call BC Motor Vehicle Accident Claims the “go-to” resource for researching the extensive range of legal and practice issues that arise in MVA litigation. From commencing an action to subrogation, this manual gets you quickly to pithy discussion of the key issues, forms, and cases related to your questions. Each year, leading members of BC’s plaintiff and defence bar select and analyze only the most significant new cases to include in the annual update.

“The BC Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Practice Manual is rightfully known as ‘the bible for personal injury lawyers’.  I have practised personal injury law for 35 years and still consult it weekly. The only frustrating part is that even though we have two copies at my firm of six lawyers, I can never find it in our library, because it is always in someone else’s office being used!  You should not practice personal injury law without this manual, even if you're not doing car accident claims.” – Alison Murray, QC, Murray Jamieson Barristers & Solicitors

 With this resource, you will be able to:

  • understand the broad context of legal issues in MVA claims

  • efficiently get to the leading cases on MVA legal issues specific to your client’s case

  • conveniently refer to over 60 of the most commonly used MVA forms and precedents in one place

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Highlights of the 2018 update

  • discussion of significant BC Court of Appeal and BC Supreme Court decisions over the past year

  • decisions on damages, including apportionment of damages where injuries are indivisible, punitive damages, mitigation, and future care costs

  • discussion of the Supreme Court of Canada’s decision on damages for nervous shock and evidence required to prove psychological injury

  • developments regarding discovery including privilege, further independent medical examinations, and discovery obligations

  • recent cases considering when an offer to settle will support an award of double costs, and whether an award of special costs is warranted

  • legislative updates, and revised forms and precedents
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