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BC Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Practice Manual

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This book is essential for: personal injury and insurance defence and plaintiff lawyers.

Current to: February 1, 2010 

If you are lawyer bringing or defending an action arising from a motor vehicle accident in BC, then this extensive practice manual is a "must have"!  Prepared by leading practitioners of the BC bar and reviewed by an expert editorial board, this comprehensive guide covers all important topics that may arise in an action from starting a claim to obtaining judgment. Arm yourself with the information critical to a successful MVA claim.
Subscriptions include
online access with search capability and links to the full text of case law and legislation, updates each spring, and forms, precedents, and checklists on CD-ROM.

Highlights of the 2010 update

  • references throughout the chapters to the Supreme Court Civil Rules that take effect on July 1, 2010
  • select Supreme Court Civil Rules forms in the book and on disk
  • hundreds of recent decisions on many topics, including offers to settle, deduction of WCB benefits from damage awards, discovery and the implied undertaking of confidentiality, disclosure of information from Facebook, structured judgments, damages, and contributory negligence in pedestrian accidents
  • a thoroughly re-written chapter on settlements for minors

CLEBC Legal Editor
Laura C. Selby



Book Author Michael Moscovich
Editorial Board Guy P. Brown, QC
Book Author Guy P. Brown, QC
Book Author Robert C. Brun, QC
Book Author Matthew Bujar
Book Author Daniel Frank Corrin
Book Author Laurel Courtenay
Book Author Robert A. Easton
Book Author Steven H. Heringa
Book Author Jonathan L.S. Hodes
Book Author Christopher J. Hope
Book Author J. Derek James
Book Author Karen E. Jamieson
Editorial Board Sandra M. Katalinic
Book Author Sandra M. Katalinic
Book Author Julie K. Lamb
Book Author Jason McDaniel
Editorial Board William T. Morley, QC
Book Author William T. Morley, QC
Editorial Board Alison L. Murray, QC

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