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CLEBC Precedent Collection

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Need to find that needed form or precedent quickly and easily?
Subscribe to the CLEBC Precedent Collection. 
Access hundreds of forms and precedents from CLEBC materials in a range of practice areas in one regularly updated online collection. We manage the collection; you find the form or precedent that you need quickly and easily. Specific forms or precedents can be found by searching the collection or by browsing by practice area. With each form or precedent in the collection you can:
  • Review a short description on how to use the form or precedent
  • Download it to your desktop in Word or pdf
  • Subscribe to an RSS feed to follow updates on the form or precedent
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Annual subscription rates are based on firm size.

Firm Size Price
Solo  $499
2 to 4  $749
5 to 9  $1,139
10 to 19 $1,409
20 to 39 $2,219
40 to 69 $3,309
70+ $5,459

For larger firm subscriptions please call Customer Service at 604.893.2121 (toll-free 800.663.0437)

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