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Desk Order Divorce: An Annotated Guide--ONLINE ACCESS

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Put together desk order packages that won't be rejected

This publication is essential for: anyone looking for guidance on completing a desk order divorce package.

Current to: May 1, 2013

Filing the simplest desk order divorce can be complicated. Avoid errors and rejection at the registry with the help of Desk Order Divorce: An Annotated Guide. This compact resource provides you with step-by-step guidance on how to put together a successful desk order divorce package. Included is commentary from expert judges and lawyers explaining desk order procedure and strategy, as well as a copy of each required form complete with annotations of sample provisions, practice tips, relevant legislation, and key case law.

With this resource, you will be able to:

  • rapidly prepare  desk order divorce application packages

  • understand and navigate the peculiarities of desk order divorces

  • reduce the number of times your desk order divorce is reviewed by the court registry 

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Highlights of the 2013 Update

  • updated forms from the Supreme Court Family Rules

  • discussion of the new Family Law Act

  • discussion of the updated Family Practice Direction on Divorce Applications

CLEBC Legal Editor
Laura C. Selby

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