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Family Law Agreements: Annotated Precedents--ONLINE ACCESS

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Your time-saving tool for drafting family law agreements

This publication is essential for: lawyers and mediators drafting  family law agreements.

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Current to: December 1, 2017

Drafting family law agreements requires careful consideration and can be time-consuming, especially when you may not have a large collection of clauses to choose from. With Family Law Agreements—Annotated Precedents, you have access to carefully considered precedents of some of BC’s most accomplished family law lawyers. To help you draft effective agreements, this tool gives you sample clauses, commentary explaining the law and best use of the clauses, and tax advisories throughout. The online version features CLEBC’s document builder which allows you to select clauses to build and save agreements to download into your files.

The online version features CLEBC’s document builder which allows you to select clauses, create complete documents, and save and download documents for future use.

Watch this Document Builder demonstration from our friends at Courthouse Libraries BC:

With this resource, you will be able to:

  • conveniently build a collection of family law clauses that are updated annually
  • quickly access a wide-range of clauses to fit your client’s situation
  • understand the tax considerations when advising on specific arrangements for a family law agreement

Buy today to access your ready-made family law clause bank!

Highlights of the 2018 update

  • new or revised sample clauses, including those treating obligations of parents:

    • when making travel plans

    • to monitor emails

    • to keep each other informed on matters involving children

    • to refrain from discussing family issues and litigation

    • to refrain from posting information online

  • updates to the sample marriage and cohabitation agreements

  • new or expanded commentary throughout the publication, including the following topics:

    • negotiating an agreement about parenting time and spheres of responsibility between parents

    • sharing the religious views of both parents with the children

    • designation of a principal residence

    • drafting choice of law and choice of jurisdiction clauses

    • when support should be reduced after a spouse chooses early retirement

    • when payments to satisfy a debt justify set-off of child support

  • over 100 new court decisions affecting discussions of clauses throughout the publication

CLEBC Legal Editor
Thomas G. Anderson, QC — Barrister & Solicitor, North Vancouver

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