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Commercial Leasing - Annotated Precedents--ONLINE ACCESS

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Leading commercial lawyers open their files to help you draft your lease

This publication is essential for: anyone looking for BC-specific sample commercial leases and lease clauses. 

Current to: October 1, 2016

Imagine being able to access a vault of commercial lease templates from some of BC’s leading commercial lawyers! Now you can with the award winning Commercial Leasing - Annotated Precedents.

This premiere collection of annotated leases will help you draft documents that reflect current law and practice. You will receive samples for an offer to lease, full text leases for various scenarios, agreements related to leasing, and special commercial lease provisions, along with commentary about concerns such as tax, financing, default, and registration.

With this resource, you will be able to:

  • understand commercial lease clauses you use every day and know exactly why each is there

  • improve your negotiating position by understanding both landlord and tenant points of view

  • know what's critical to include in your lease and what you can afford to give up in negotiation

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Highlights of the 2016 update:

All leases and notes in the 2016 Update to Commercial Leasing: Annotated Precedents are current to October 1, 2016. Some of the many changes to the lease provisions and notes are the following:

  • the Shopping Centre Leases (Chapter (2)) have been revised to streamline and explain procedures for payment of rent, definitions and descriptions of premises, rentable area(s), and calculations for such things as additional rent payments;

  • the Office Lease (Chapter 3) has been augmented with notes regarding issues like what should be included in operating costs and negotiations regarding subletting;

  • the Pro-tenant Lease (Chapter 5) includes a new clause for restrictive convenants, which combines non-competition and no build; revised language for dealing with easements and easement areas; notes regarding tenants’ installation and removal of cabling for telecommunications; notes concerning protection of intellectual property in signage and the like; new clause regarding the confidential nature of the terms of the lease and the tenant’s work, plans, improvements, etc.;

  • new Commercial Lease for leases on Reserve Lands provided by Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada (chapter 7);

  • the Environmental Provisions (Chapter 12) content has been updated to reflect the ever expanding nature of environmental damages and liabilities;

  • the Extension and Renewal (Chapter 16) clarifies the language to be used when dealing with a first or subsequent renewal or extension;

  • the Registration of Leases (Chapter 20) content has been revised to reflect further changes to electronic registration practices, fees, and property transfer taxes.

CLEBC Editor
Morag MacLean

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