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BC Real Estate Development Practice Manual--OL ACC

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Real estate development law, practice, and procedure in context

This publication is essential for: lawyers representing developers or municipalities in real estate development matters.

Current to: February 1, 2017 

To effectively serve developer and municipal clients, you need a strong command not only of legal principles but also an understanding of the real estate development process. BC Real Estate Development Practice Manual provides you with clear explanation of the law as well as the historical and business context for everything from land acquisition to legal requirements for development financing and marketing. This manual features an entire chapter devoted to the unique planning and regulatory environment in the City of Vancouver.

With this resource, you will be able to:

  • enhance your ability to provide legal advice by having the full background on a wide array of real estate development issues in BC

  • save time searching for Vancouver-specific real estate development procedures and regulations

  • easily reference a collection of over 70 real estate development forms and precedents

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“CLEBC’s Real Estate Development Practice Manual is a great resource for finding answers to many development questions in BC.  It goes beyond simply citing the relevant statute and provides practical solutions for a wide range of development challenges.” – Edward L. Wilson, Partner, Lawson Lundell LLP

Highlights of the 2017 update

  • update of all chapters to reflect Local Government Act limited revision and renumbering

  • new chapter on development on First Nations lands

  • new disclosure requirements and tax considerations for foreign entities and partners of foreign entities

  • Vancouver Charter amendment to protect "in-stream" and "precursor applications" from development cost charges

  • new Provincial Building Code Appeal Code, Vancouver Building Board of Appeal and Building Board of Appeal Bylaw

  • amendments to regulation of transfer of deposits from one trustee to another

  • revamped and expanded discussion of anti-money laundering requirements 


CLEBC Legal Editor
L. Joy Tataryn


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