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British Columbia Civil Trial Handbook--ONLINE ACCESS

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Why go to court alone? Take your mentor with you!

This publication is essential for: litigators looking for a handy trial procedure resource in court or at the office.

Current to: July 1, 2015

Imagine being in court and being able to effortlessly find the answer to your trial procedure question right then and there. Civil Trial Handbook is your portable guide to preparing for and conducting trials in BC Supreme Court. Leading advocates have gathered the fundamental principles you need to know and outlined techniques you will want to consider to support your case. Each chapter covers a different civil litigation stage and begins with a helpful list of items and questions to consider. You will be prepared for anything that may arise before, during, and after trial.

 With this resource, you will be able to:

  • explore advice and succinct statements of law for each step of litigation, from client retainer to costs

  • get organized for trial with a sample trial brief, litigation budget, and trial preparation checklist

  • quickly search for support with evidence, witnesses, and objections while in the courtroom

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Highlights of the 4th edition

  • case law since 2011 on a wide range of issues from pleadings, document privilege, case planning conferences, summary judgment, summary trials, interlocutory applications, applications to strike jury notices, to costs

  • discussion of electronic trials

  • amendments to the Supreme Court Civil Rules

  • references to the Code of Professional Conduct for British Columbia

CLEBC Legal Editor
Laura C. Selby

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