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Detecting Deception in Witness Interviews and Negotiations

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What lawyers can learn from scientists

Thursday, December 1, 2016
9:30 am - 4:00pm
Pan Pacific Hotel, 999 Canada Place, Vancouver
or attend via Live Webinar

Who should attend: All those who interview witnesses or who want to sharpen their litigation or negotiation skills.

Learning level: All levels

When interviewing witnesses and negotiating with opposing counsel, lawyers often try to detect deception. To do so, lawyers often rely on their “gut instinct” and popular stereotypes about how liars behave when they lie. However, in recent years, scientists have shown that many popular stereotypes about liars are inaccurate. For example, liars are not more likely to avoid eye contact or be more fidgety than truth-tellers. In this thought-provoking and practical program from former U.S. Department of Justice attorney Michael Johnson, you will learn scientifically validated methods for detecting lies and deception.

Registration in this course will entitle you to a complimentary registration to any one-hour CLE-TV Rebroadcast (Ethics Stream) as part of our "Last Kick at the Can 2016" program. Completing both Detecting Deception: What Lawyers Can Learn from Scientists and the one hour "Last Kick at the Can 2016" Rebroadcast program will give you a total of 6 CPD hours with one of those hours being professional responsibility and ethics, client care and relations, and/or practice management.

At this course you will learn to...

  • spot deception by viewing videos from actual interviews
  • avoid common errors in lie detection
  • identify deception cues related to verbal content, verbal style, and other linguistic cues
  • utilize questioning techniques, such as principles from the Cognitive Interview, to more easily differentiate between liars and truth-tellers
  • use questioning techniques designed to increase “cognitive load” to make it more difficult for liars to maintain their stories
  • analyze the content of a witness’ statement for signs not only of deception but also of truthfulness

You will also learn about recent scientific research related to discouraging, spotting, and responding to deception in negotiations.

Law Society of BC CPD Hours: 5 hours. If you complete a one hour CLE-TV Rebroadcast course (Ethics Stream) from the "Last Kick at the Can 2016" Program, you will obtain 1 hour which involves professional responsibility and ethics, client care and relations, and/or practice management for a total of 6 CPD hours. Note: As part of your registration, you will receive a non-transferable complimentary registration to any one hour CLE-TV Rebroadcast course (Ethics Stream) from the "Last Kick at the Can 2016" Program—click here to see the list of course offerings.

Course Instructor
Michael W. Johnson — CEO, Clear Law Institute, Washington, DC

EARLY BIRD (Register by November 3, 2016 and SAVE)
Live Course: $690 | Student $345; Live Webinar: $565

After November 3, 2016 
Live Course
: $765 | Student $385; Live Webinar: $625

Registration includes an electronic copy of the course materials.

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Mary Kingston, Production Manager, Programs

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